The Secret of Immortality

Part I: With 7 Steps to a Life that does not end

Video 1: 1st Step towards Immortality: You recognize your Soul           

Video 2: 2nd Step towards  Immortality: You change your Identity: "I am a Soul"


Video 3: 3rd Step towards Immortality: You adjust your Consciousness: "I am an immortal Being"


Video 4: 4th Step towards Immortality: You shift your Consciousness to your higher Self: "I fill my Soul with Conscioiusness"


Video 5: 5th Step towards Immortality: You think and feel like an Immortal


Video 6: 6th Step towards Immortality: You act like an Immortal


Video 7: 7th Step towards Immortality: You use the Senses and the higher Forces of your Spiritual Being



Part II: The new Identity: The immortal Man

Video 8: Supratemporal, supermundane individuality. No death. No standstill. No fear of death. New family. Recognize your soulmates.


Video 9: New gender.New people. New religion. New age – eternal youth. New food. New profession. New pleasures.  


Video 10: New wealth.Accumulations shape individuality. True reality. Aura. New path. New homeland. New name



Part III: The infinite Potential of the Immortal


Video 11: Become who you are. Acquire the qualities of an immortal. Eternity, invulnerability, invincibility. Fearlessness. Freedom. Dignity


Video 12: Overcome the earthly worries. Fate of the body insignificant. Untouched by suffering. Example of the great saints. Selflessness. No interest in earthly goods. No struggle for existence. The law of the sacrifice. Only an immortal can be selfless. Selflessness crucial for the New World. Meaningful Life   


Video 13: Unlimited development. Joy. Turn suffering to joy. The function of pain. Joy is a special wisdom. Living example. Part IV: Using the potential of a spiritual being