Video-Lecture in 5 Chapters



Text of the Lecture to read






Chapter I: I am a soul: No immortality of the body. Transformation into a being of spirit. I have a soul. I am a soul. The body as the tool of the soul







Chapter II: Immortal Man: Immortality. Life everlasting. Imperishability, indestructibility, invulnerability, invincibility. Fearlessness. Freedom. Dignity. Vitality. Joy of being. No earthly worries. Selflessness. The law of sacrifice. Selflessness as basis of the world of the future







Chapter III: The Potential of the Overman: The next evolutionary step. Unearthing, developing and using our potential





Chapter IV. Transformation into a Being of Spirit: Metamorphosis. Change your identity. Transfer your consciousness into your soul. Bring your soul to life. Lead the life of the soul. Let the soul think, feel, speak and act. Education of the heart. Acquire the qualities and abilities of a being of spirit








Chapter V. LifeEverlasting: Eternal path. Return to earth. Eternal growth. Eternal work. Conclusion








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