Immortality – Mankind’s age-old Dream comes true



Dear fellow man!


are you ready to give me your attention for a moment? Then I will show you how you can attain immortality.


Since human beings exist, they are afraid of death

Since human beings exist, they are dreaming of immortality

The time is ripe to overcome this fear

and to realize this dream!

(Cézanne "Three Skulls"; de Morgan "The Angel of Death", Nicholas Roerich "Star of the Hero")  


Nothing in the world is so powerful as an idea whose time has come. (Victor Hugo)


I invite you to take part in a project that will take you personally and humanity as a whole a giant step forward: in the Experiment Immortality!


The spectator interjects: "Incredible, an impossible undertaking!"


No! The first immortals are already living among us. All you have to do is to imitate them and go the same path they are walking ahead of us.



Chapter I. I am a Soul

Nicholas Roerich "Glory of the Himalayas"


What is your most fatal illusion? What causes you the severest suffering?


This terrible "memento mori": "Remember that you must die"; the delusion that your existence will be completely extinguished in just a few years from now. (Dürer "St. Jerome")  


A great, strong, optimistic, active spirit rebels – quite rightly! - against this terrible idea. He still has so much to accomplish. He feels that there is much more in him than he can unearth and develop in this short time.


He cannot and will not believe that his possibilities should be so limited.


The conviction of our continuity I derive from the concept of activity. For if I continue to work restlessly until my end, nature is obliged to allocate to me another form of existence, if the present one is unable to endure my spirit any longer. (Goethe to Eckermann, February 4, 1829) 


What makes you small and weak? 


The fear of death! (Dürer "Death")  


What makes you great and strong?


The awareness of your immortality! (Nicholas Roerich "Higher than Mountains")


What expands your possibilities immeasurably? 


Eternal life! 


If you had a wish for free: What is the most beautiful gift you can dream of? Imperishability!


That will be a real improvement of your life!


What is the greatest happiness, the most precious wealth, the true greatness and the highest goal you can achieve? Immortality! 




The ancient Greeks called their gods "the immortals". What a gigantic progress will it be if we humans as well now set about to acquire this divine property! As immortals we are imperishable, indestructible, invulnerable and invincible – and thus far superior to the old mortal man.


Come on, let us unearth this treasure that lies dormant within us! 



1. No Immortality of the Body


"Aha," you think, "a miracle healer trying to talk us into his little remedies that are supposed to prolong life."


No, wrong guess. Immortality of the body is impossible.


Everything material must decay.


There is no getting around this fundamental law of nature.


Moreover: No one can seriously wish for the immortality of his frail body, which becomes more and more defective with age. In fact, the older we get, the happier we are to get rid of this wreck soon.


Finally, your existence in the Higher World after death is of the utmost importance for your further development.


"Then I don't know what you are talking about. How can I become immortal if it is impossible to prolong life?"


Because you are still clinging to the old thinking and have in mind the immortality of the body only.


"I understand even less. What else is there to become immortal?"



2. Transformation into a Being of Spirit


There is only one way to attain immortality:


You transform into a being that is non-material and thus not bound by the limitations of matter, time and space.


"That sounds fantastic. Such a being of spirit doesn't even exist!"


Yes, it does. You know it. It already lives – and within you yourself!


I am referring to your soul. 


It is not material, not visible and not tangible. It continues to live after the death of your body. It is immortal



3. I have a Soul


We are already taking the first step on the path to immortality. It consists in the realisation:


I have a soul.


To take this step, you have to expand your consciousness:


A small, narrow consciousness only recognises what is material, visible and tangible: the body. 


A broad consciousness grasps the whole reality, namely also its non-material, non-visible and non-tangible aspects: for example the soul. 


You become aware:


"Man", taken as a whole, is hybrid like a centaur (a creature half human, half horse): he consists of two parts: of a physical body and of a non-material soul. (Veronese "Centaur")


However, this symbiosis ends with the death of the body, after which only the spiritual part lives on.


The key to immortality and the only prerequisite for our experiment is the realization of the immortal soul.




One or the other might object:


“But I don't believe in the soul and its immortality.”


Well, that is another story, which we will talk about in detail in one of the following Broadcastings. First, let me just say:


All peoples of all times, all religions and teachings of wisdom knew the immortality of the soul. 


Not one single culture has ever believed that our existence ends completely with death.


You must admit: Such a universal knowledge is a solid basis for our experiment.


Are you a devout Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist? Then you know about life everlasting! Then, after all, you cannot be a mortal! 




However, it is of no use if you just parrot dogmas that others have set up. You must experience for yourself that you have a soul. Therefore, we will show you:


You can feel the existence of your soul:


Of your higher, spiritual Self, which, according to its nature, strives for higher purposes, is not satisfied with anything achieved and always wants to ascend further.




It is sad to see how today’s man makes himself small and limits his possibilities by denying the invisible reality.



4. I am a Soul

William Blake "The Soul”


From the first follows logically and necessarily the second step to immortality:


If man has a twofold nature and consists of a mortal body and an immortal soul, it follows:


You have a choice between two forms of life.


One will be dead in 20 or 50 years from now on, the other will continue to live afterwards. Which of these two beings do you want to regard as your Self? Are you a body or are you a soul? Are you that what you see in the mirror, or perhaps something completely different?




You are not going to be foolish enough to choose the body!? A creature that will soon cease to exist!? Whereas you have the much better possibility of regarding yourself as the soul which lives eternally!


Of course, you will choose the soul.


For that what is imperishable is surely greater, more beautiful and more real than that what perishes. Compared to your spirit being, which is wandering in eternity through infinite spaces and times, your body, which lives on earth for a few dozen years only, is quite insignificant.




So far you have backed the wrong horse: You have identified with the material, mortal aspect of your being. Now you realise your mistake: your spiritual, immortal part is much more important!


Your Eternal Individuality offers you many more possibilities!


You cannot avoid drawing the conclusion: Your body is a reality of secondary importance.


Your true Self is your soul! (William Blake "The Soul")  




Thus, you now make a conscious choice. You draw the obvious, the only reasonable, the necessary consequence from the realisation of your spiritual being and say:


"I am a soul." 


This transformation takes place in your mind alone, in your consciousness. You are only one thought-step away from immortality.




This step is the foundation from which everything else follows. It brings about a true revolution: Man forms a much greater, more beautiful and more dignified picture of himself!


You are a being of spirit. You are non-material. You are invisible!




The secret of immortality is of the utmost simplicity. We can sum it up in one single sentence:


The old, mortal man thinks: "I am a body. I also have a soul, but I can't really do anything with it."


The new, immortal man is wiser and realizes:


I am a soul.


It is true, I have a body, too. But it matters little, since it will soon pass away.


So to know the real do not think you have a soul, but the soul has you. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lesson “Life and Death”)




In actual fact, we could end our conversation here: The goal has been reached, the promise is fulfilled, for:


If you are a soul, you are immortal!


You just did not know about your greatness, your happiness and your dignity until today.


"No, please let’s go on talking. All this is so new to me. I still have so many questions! First of all, if I am a soul, what role then does my body play?"



5. The Body as the Tool of the Soul


The immortal sees reality with different eyes and realizes:


The body is the tool of the soul.


Your Eternal Individuality, as a non-material being of spirit, cannot appear and work on the physical plane at all without such a vehicle.


Just as a deep-sea diver can only descend to the bottom of the sea in a solid diving suit.


See through the illusion of matter! Your true Self is not the outwardly visible shell (the diving suit), but the being that lives invisible from the outside hidden in the shell: the diver – your soul!


The monks regard the body as their little friend and companion and lovingly call it "brother donkey". In this way they aptly express its serving function. But you are not the donkey – you are the rider!


The body is like a marionette that has to play a role. It is led back and forth on the stage of earthly life by the will of an invisible player. You are the player, not the puppet! 




We shall discuss in more detail in a moment: The Eternal Individuality employs in the course of its everlasting life not just one, but many physical bodies. When one has become unusable, the soul will soon be equipped with a new, young and beautiful one. Therefore, the fate of your present body is of little concern.




"How shall I treat the physical part of my being?"


Of course, the man of the future maintains his body as a suitable tool by a little training. More attention, however, is not worthwhile for a thing that will soon fall to pieces. 


Is it not downright ridiculous for the master to pamper and adorn his donkey instead of sprucing himself up? It is far more important that you nurture, heal, exercise and render great and strong your true, imperishable Self.


If you get into the habit of thinking like this – then your transformation into an immortal is already on the way.


"That is not enough for me. Just because I think – or fancy –I am a soul does not mean that I am in reality immortal!?"


Yes, indeed, we have only just completed the first stage of our journey. From here we have to go further.



Chapter II: Immortal Man


Before we continue the path of transformation into a spirit being, let us first consider the goal we want to achieve: immortal man – the man of the future!


What does he look like? How do you recognise him when you meet him? What are his superior qualities?



1. Immortality divine science


Science fiction movies show the man of the future chasing through space in spaceships brandishing weapons like a cowboy. 


However, such ideas lack imagination and only apply outdated thinking patterns from the past to the future. Thereby we do not develop a vision of a better world and a better life.


The man of the year 3000 or 4000 will not only possess a higher technology.


He himself will have reached a higher level!


He will be greater, more beautiful, stronger and more dignified than we humans of today’s time.


People tell you: Progress is achieved when your house, your car, your bank account or your library grows bigger. 


But it is even better if you yourself become greater!


"How can this happen?"


By attaining immortality!


The man of the future is immortal.


That is what makes him great.


The universe is infinite. Therefore, man as well can have no end. 


Immortal man—is this idea not worthy of the future? (Agni Yoga)


Man should believe in immortality, he has a right to do so, it is in accordance with his nature. (Goethe to Eckermann, 04.02.1829) 


What a wonderful liberation and elevation: 


The terrible, paralysing fear of the end of life fades away! (Tiepolo "Memento mori”)


Now, you are looking forward to your death, because then you will go over to a better, higher world!


The race of the future is so strong because it has overcome death.


A new life in the spirit of immortality is the way out of the misery of the time, the foundation upon which we may completely transform both ourselves as well as human society as a whole.



2. Life everlasting


The man of the future lives eternally.


You are much greater than you think! 


The old, mortal man is small and limited like a mayfly, laughing incredulously at the concept of "tomorrow". 


The new, immortal man is a Cosmic Giant. 


He already lived when this earth did not even exist. He will still live on when this insignificant chunk of matter has long decayed.


The transformation into an immortal increases the greatness of man immeasurably!


Eternity opens up before you! 


Can you even imagine what that means in practical terms? Above all two things:


First: Your possibilities to grow expand immeasurably!


A person living eternally has an infinite amount of time at his disposal. You may use it for a development, for an ascent which knows no bounds. 


If you grow eternally; if over centuries, millennia and millions of years you become just a little bit greater every day: Then you can reach heights which are unimaginable today.


Secondly: Your possibilities to achieve something in this world expand immeasurably!


A person living eternally has an infinite amount of time at his disposal. You may use it to pursue your projects without restrictions. There is still so much to do. You still have so many plans! There are no limits any more to your creative power.


If you work eternally; if you strive persistently; if over centuries, millennia and millions of years you add just one small stone to the New Construction every day: Then success must come as soon as the time and you yourself are ripe for it.


The old man comes up against the illusory limit of death, which he has set for himself in his ignorance. Thereby, he deprives himself of the best possibilities. The New Man transcends this barrier.


The eternal existence of man is the starting point from which we can get rid of all our outdated thinking, unhinge the whole old world, and overcome ignorance, imperfection, need and suffering, poverty and unemployment.



3. Imperishability, Indestructibility, Invulnerability, Invincibility


As an immortal being living eternally, the man of the future is imperishable and indestructible.


That is what makes your superiority!


There is no death! 


Your life not only has no natural end. It cannot be terminated violently or otherwise either. To put it drastically: Even if your head is cut off or your body starved to death – your real Self lives on. 


The life of your soul goes on forever.


There is only one true consolation for the sick, the dying and their relatives: The true Self, the soul, is not affected by the transition at all. It only changes its whereabouts. (Picasso "Weeping Woman")




Immortal man is like a god: indestructible, he is invulnerable. Invulnerable he is invincible!


No power in the world can do you any harm!


All attacks against the health or the integrity of your body miss their target: they cannot hit your real, spiritual Self at all.



4. Fearlessness


The man of the future is completely free from fear.


As an immortal, invulnerable being you need not be afraid of anything or anyone.


The fears of man are numerous: You fear the loss of health, of life, of relatives, of your job, of your possessions and of many other things. By transforming into a soul, you overcome this weakness:


As a spiritual being you do not need all these things.


Not even death can frighten you: Your soul lives on and is as little affected by the end of the body as the rider by the death of his donkey.


Exploit this asset! Do not let this wonderful treasure go unused! The first application will be: You acquire complete fearlessness! 




Fear is the main cause for the weakness of today’s man.


On what is the power of dictators and other oppressors based? On fear! 


When fear ends, submission ends!


The race of the future is so strong because it has conquered death and with it fear.



5. Freedom


The man of the future is completely free.


As long as you regard yourself as mortal, you are corruptible: You have to make all kinds of compromises when you are threatened and your transient personality fears for its existence.


Fearing for his life or that of his family, the old man becomes a follower of even the most unscrupulous endeavours and does things for which he must be ashamed.




On the other hand, as an immortal you can pursue your higher goals in all circumstances.


You attain complete freedom of action.


You become entirely independent. At last, you can do without undue consideration only that what you have recognised as good and right!


As long as man fears death, he is a slave. He who does not fear it masters everything. (Tolstoy "War and Peace")


If necessary, you can seal the struggle for your ideals with the death (of the body) – your true existence (the life of your Higher Self) is not endangered thereby.




Listen how unworthily the old, mortal man is manoeuvering:


First comes food and then morality. (Bert Brecht "The Threepenny Opera")


What a wretched sentence! It deprives man of his dignity and throws him back to the level of the animals. It actually suspends morality – right then when things are getting serious. But principles that only apply in good weather are worthless.


The New Man throws his imperishability on the balance. If you play this trump card, you are able to unwaveringly and freely lead a life according to the highest ethical principles.


The race of the future is so strong because it has overcome fear and thus won freedom. 



6. Dignity


The man of the future is full of high dignity.


"Why is the old man so undignified?"


Because he feels compelled to suppress the voice of his Higher Self just to maintain the miserable life of his lower, physical nature.


But your dignity does not lie in your body, which is always inferior to the physical strength and great number of the others. It can be humiliated, damaged, crucified and destroyed.


Only as immortal beings are we able to accomplish our mission proudly and with dignity.




Everyone can live with dignity, even in the most terrible circumstances. 


Your personal dignity must not depend on the ever-changing external circumstances, on whether you are well or bad off, or living in poverty or wealth.


The race of the future gains a whole new dignity: it fearlessly and freely does only that what its Higher Self wants it to do, without regard to the earthly consequences. Its mantram is:


I reveal the Divine only!



7. Vitality


The man of the future is full of vitality.


"Where does he get this power from?"


The immortal sets about strengthening his soul.


He uses his spiritual forces, which are much more powerful than the physical ones. A great, strong soul can cope with all problems.



8. Joy of Being

Nicholas Roerich "Krishna"


The man of the future is always full of joy of being.


Immortality is a source of eternal joy! (Nicholas Roerich "Krishna")


For a creature living eternally, earthly adversities acquire a whole new meaning: it wants to become greater and realises:


In truth, the difficulties and hardships of everyday life offer the best opportunity to grow.


If it were not for these steps, you would not be able to ascend at all. (Spanish Steps, Rome)




An immortal has mastered a great art:


He transforms suffering into joy!


Pain is not imposed by fate. It has a function! It alerts the body to weak spots or wrong behaviour.


When I keep banging my head against the wall, the body signals me through pain that I am going to harm it if I continue like this. 


Actually, you have to be grateful for this reminder. It is exactly the same with suffering:


Like pain to the body, suffering indicates to the soul where it is still weak or behaving wrongly.


For this, too, the traveller on the spiritual path can only be grateful. These signals alone enable him to remedy weak points, to correct wrong behaviour and to further develop his Eternal Individuality. Once this has been achieved, the suffering will come to an end. 




Because then it no longer serves any function!


A great, strong soul knows no suffering – just as a healthy body does not hurt. (Michelangelo "David")  



9. No earthly Worries


An immortal knows no earthly worries.


As a being of spirit, he does not require any material food, clothing or shelter, neither for his survival nor for his well-being. 


To the soul, the concern for the preservation of its tool is of little importance, because sooner or later it will pass away anyway, and then a new one will be received.



10. Selflessness


Let us now address the last property, which is most important for shaping the future:


The New immortal Man is completely selfless.


When you have become a soul, you will place little value on material goods: You will have to give them up anyway when the body dies. They do not help you on your infinite Spiritual Path towards ever further perfection. Worrying about their preservation and defence rather hinders your progress.


Souls live simply, modestly and undemanding, an attitude which reflects the dignity of man much better than the present wastefulness. They do not participate in the mad pursuit of possessions power, and satisfaction of the desires of the body. 


Your Higher Self shuns material pleasures: They cannot satisfy a spiritual being and only weaken its power.




The mortals around us smash each other's heads in order to grab for themselves as much as possible of that what nature provides for all mankind and what all of us have produced together.


We immortals compete to make do with as little as possible!


For a creature that cannot die at all, the much talked of struggle for existence is a meaningless concept. It would never harm another soul because of some insignificant physical needs. Thereby, it would only harm itself – its Higher Self. 



11. The Law of Sacrifice

Grünewald Altar of Isenheim "Crucifixion”


To the old, mortal physical man, the law of the jungle applies: the stronger one robs or eats up the weaker one and becomes even stronger thereby. 


The New immortal Man lives by the Law of Sacrifice! (Tintoretto "Crucifixion of Christ")


In the rare case that there is really not enough for everyone to survive – that is: for all bodies! – we immortals willingly step back in favour of our fellow men.


A long earthly life is not a value in itself. In the face of infinity, it is of no importance whether a single life of the body lasts a little shorter or longer. What are 10, 50 or even 100 years for a creature that lives forever? No more than the blinking of an eye!


For your Higher Self it is better to live short and right than long and wrong on earth!


Life is like a role in the theatre; what matters is not that it is played long, but that it is played well. (Seneca)


A soul loses nothing, but grows, when it sacrifices its body – which will soon vanish anyway.




Your higher nature is actually thirsting to give itself completely in the service of a great work. The law of sacrifice runs as follows:


Your soul grows greater when it gives, not when it takes!


"I don't understand that. How can one become greater when one loses something?"


To beings of spirit, different standards apply:


Those who sacrifice their lives for a good cause are certainly greater in a spiritual sense than the oppressors. 


That is why all teachings of wisdom agree: True happiness consists not in having, but in giving! (David "Selflessness")


Thus, Jesus teaches:


It is more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts 20, 35) 



12. Selflessness as Basis of the World of the Future


The lack of needs of the New Man is the basis for building the world of the future, a higher culture without greed, violence, need, poverty and unemployment.


The New World arises by itself as soon as the New Man appears.


The scourges of the present time that make life on this wonderful planet a hell for us, are: Selfishness, the pursuit of money, power and pleasure, the struggle of everyone against everyone. If you think deeper, you will find:


The cause of almost all evils is man's selfishness.


Poverty was not created by God. We have produced it, I and you, with our egotism. 


If we want to build a better world, we have to overcome this selfishness and at least to educate our children to become men of spirit.


We immortals are eager to contribute to the common pot more than we take out of it for ourselves. We are ready to share fairly with our fellow men both the necessary work and the proceeds resulting therefrom. This is what matters! This is how we eliminate both poverty and unemployment.



Chapter III: The Potential of the Overman


Invulnerable, fearless, free, dignified, powerful and joyful, free from worries and selfless, the new immortal is far superior to the old mortal man.


Of that you may be really proud. But not because you are greater than others, but because you are greater than you yourself a few days or a few years ago.



1. The next evolutionary Step


In scientific language we may say: We have come a long way from prehistoric man to the present day, from Homo erectus and Homo habilis via the Neanderthal man up to Homo sapiens.


This development, of course, will continue! Why should it stop?


"Where is this development going?"


To a new stage of evolution!


You know the proud words of Nietzsche:


I teach you the overman. Man is something that must be overcome. What have you done to overcome him?

What is the ape to man? A laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. And that is precisely what man shall be to the overman: a laughingstock or a painful embarrassment.

You have made your way from worm to man and much in you is still worm. Once you were apes, and even now man is still more ape than any ape.

The overman is the meaning of the earth.

Man is a rope fastened between animal and overman. What is great about man is that he is a bridge and not a purpose: what is lovable about man is that he is a crossing over and a going under.

I love those who do not know how to live unless by going under, for they are the ones who are crossing over.

I love the one who lives in order to know, and who wants to know so that one day the overman may live. (“Thus Spoke Zarathustra”) (Monet "Water Lilies"; Hans Olde “Friedrich Nietzsche”)


This is more than an intellectual fantasy! You feel:


Things cannot possibly go on as they are! A new era of human development is imminent.


But you are unable to find the access. You sense that a great being is hidden within you, but you do not know how to bring it to light.


Nietzsche was only dreaming.


We want to put this prophecy into practice and make the Overman a reality! 


Let us set out to leave the old man behind and climb the next stage of evolution. We call it:


Homo immortalis: immortal man.


To attain immortality is the greatest step in the development of mankind since our elevation from four to two legs. 


The new Homo immortalis stands as high above the old Homo sapiens as a biped above the quadrupeds.


We are talking about an undertaking of world-historical significance:


Man rises to a higher level, to his true greatness! 



2. Unearthing, developing and using our Potential


A new step in development is ahead of us. This means:


Within each of us there is a gigantic potential.


You are already fully equipped for an evolution that will last an eternity. The potential for this progress without limits already lies within you and is only waiting to be developed. You have not yet exploited even nearly your dormant possibilities.


Achieving invulnerability, fearlessness, freedom, dignity, power and joy of being is only the very first, small step on this infinite path.


If you develop your potential, you can climb heights unimaginable today.  




"In which direction does this development go?"


Towards spirituality!


The possibilities of the body are largely exhausted. The immortal man begins to use the powers of his spirit.


Thus he can attain the seemingly supernatural higher skills which Jesus and many saints, according to reliable reports, already possessed. 


The man of the future replaces technical apparatuses with the abilities of his own organism: Instead of watching television he will use clairvoyance, instead of telephoning he will transmit thoughts, instead of using muscle power he will move objects with mental power, and so on.




Every immortal who progresses in eternity and rises higher and higher can become a Mozart, Gandhi or Napoleon, and even a Jesus or a Buddha.


There are possibilities within you that will lead you far beyond the human being of today’s time.


It is your destiny to become a ruler over planets, solar systems, Milky Ways, Cosmoses and Universes. 


"That is quite lofty and for me hardly imaginable."


"Yes, just as it is difficult to conceive that it is the destiny of a tiny chestnut to grow into a huge tree."


But the germ of such a Cosmic Giant is already planted within you.


Man is on the path to God! 


This proud idea all of a sudden comes within the scope of what we can practically aspire to in our everyday life.


On the ladder of this infinite ascent, a single earthly life can only be a tiny rung, which must be followed by many more. (Michael Lukas Leopold Willmann "The Angel's Ladder")


Do you want to unearth, develop and use your potential?


Don't you yearn to grow greater?


Then follow the ancient sages who advise:


Become who you are! 


Moreover, we must realise:


A potential is always also a mission!


If you do not use it, you miss your mission.


It is the very purpose of your life on earth to unfold the possibilities that lie within you!




"I have come to learn to become immortal, imperishable, fearless and free. I want to grow. I want to unearth the potential dormant within me, reach the next stage of evolution and become a man of the future."


Then I will now show you the way, step by step.



Chapter IV. Transformation into a Being of Spirit


I invite you to take part in an experiment of universal significance, which opens up infinity to us human beings.


In a real metamorphosis you transform from a physical to a non-material creature. (Maria-Luise Bodirsky "Metamorphosis")


We experience the birth of a new being living eternally: a spirit-man, the over-man, a cosmic giant, who lives with his body on earth and with his soul in Heaven! (Nicholas Roerich "Higher than Mountains"; Richard Strauss "Also sprach Zarathustra")



1. Metamorphosis


To show this metamorphosis more vividly, let us look at three examples:


You transform like a caterpillar which turns into a butterfly. 


Like the butterfly in the caterpillar, the soul into which you are to transform, is already existent and implanted within yourself. It is just still small and weak and hidden deep inside you. You must let it grow out of there. 


When Eric Carle, the creator of the famous children's book “The very hungry Caterpillar”, was asked how he explained the huge, worldwide success of his book, he replied something like this: Everyone feels that a much greater, stronger and more beautiful being is hidden within him, and is happy when he succeeds to express it. 


You too are filled with the longing to help the higher, the more beautiful, the better part of your being to break through. 




In the novella " The Metamorphosis", Franz Kafka describes the transformation of the harmless salesman Gregor Samsa into a kind of beetle. Let us listen to the first sentences:


"As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a monstrous insect. He was lying on his hard, as it were armour-plated, back and when he lifted his head a little, he could see his domelike brown belly, divided into stiff arched segments, on top of which the bed quilt could hardly keep in position and was about to slide off completely. His numerous legs, which were pitifully thin compared to the rest of his bulk, waved helplessly before his eyes."


"Why are you telling me this creepy story?"


To make it clear that you too are changing completely: The old Adam dies and a new being is born. May you wake up tomorrow morning not as a hideous monster, but as a great, beautiful and strong man of spirit.




The movie "Avatar" depicts how the consciousness of paraplegic US Marine Jake Sully is transferred into an alien body. In this vehicle he feels reborn and can suddenly walk again. 


Similarly, after the transformation, you find yourself in the shape of a spirit being: In a new form of life which offers you much greater possibilities than the old one, your body.




The butterfly, Gregor Samsa and Jake Sully look down at themselves in amazement and realise: That is me. This is what I look like now.  


You now perceive your Higher Self – however, not in the mirror, but before your spiritual eyes – and realise: This is me, this is what I look like now. 




In the case of the chestnut, the butterfly and with Kafka, the metamorphosis takes place overnight, by itself and unconsciously, in the movie Avatar through technical means. With you it is different:


You yourself bring about the transformation through your own spiritual power.


The new man will not be born. Your cooperation is required to bring him to life. Without our active collaboration it is impossible for mankind to reach the next stage of evolution.


The immortal man is a work of art that you create yourself like a sculptor from the material of your Eternal Individuality!


We intend to describe this process in summary form in this introduction. The details will be discussed in the subsequent Broadcastings.


We have already talked about the first two steps: "I have a soul" and "I am a soul". Now we shall progress further on the path to immortality.



2. Change your Identity


First you change your identity: Up to today, you were a material, now you are a spiritual being.


You are no longer the body you look at in the mirror. (Manet "Woman in front of the mirror").


You are the soul that you cannot see, but whose existence inside you you feel with certainty.




To render this change of identity conspicuous, you should give the being that you wish to be in the future its own name.


A new identity requires a new name. 


Until now you were called Mary Smith or James Baker. These names, however, refer to your old, transient personality, which will no longer be in existence in just a few years.


Call your new ego, which lives forever, for example “Anima”. You now identify with Anima, no longer with Mary Smith or James Baker.



3. Transfer your Consciousness into your Soul


To continue the transformation, you drag your consciousness out of your body and transfer it into your soul.


Just like Jake Sully's consciousness is moved into the alien body.  


Now, your ego is no longer the body, but the soul. When you think or speak of yourself, from now on you mean Anima.




Imagine your being of spirit somewhat larger than your physical body. Your consciousness is now dwelling outside, above your body. (Dubach "The Initiate")



Your consciousness ascends. It moves, so to speak, from a lower, the material, to a higher, the spiritual level.  


This is like at a near-death experience, when the patient from above, from the ceiling of the room watches his body lying on the operating table below. 


You look at the world with completely different eyes, namely with your spiritual senses, with the eyes of the soul.


From up there you look at what is happening down on earth, at your fellow men and also at you yourself – at your transient personality. (Caspar David Friedrich "Wanderer over the Sea of Fog")


You take a higher standpoint. (Nicholas Roerich "Tsong kha-pa")  


You view the transient things sub specie aeternitatis, as the ancient Romans so beautifully said: from the point of view of eternity.


From up there, Anima directs the four expressions of your transient personality (your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds), just as a charioteer steers his four steeds. 




This consciousness of Self is the indispensable basis for the further development of your soul: It must recognise itself as an individual being of its own, different from all others.


Just as a baby that lived in the womb in symbiosis with its mother must recognise after birth that it is a separate being independent from her. 


A creature which is not aware of itself, such as an animal, cannot consciously advance its own development either.



4. Bring your Soul to Life shaft


“The transformation into a spiritual being reaches the limits of my imagination. How can I become a creature that is non-material and invisible?”


Well, instead of saying: You create a new being, we may also put it differently:


You bring to life a creature that already exists, but is slumbering deep inside you: Anima, your soul.


This being exists. It is just invisible, there is nothing to be done about that.


Just as the personality Jake Sully is present in the body of the alien and is his true self, even if you cannot see it. 




It is not so difficult at all to lead your Eternal Self out of the depths in which it is stuck. 


For we are not talking about some alien being, but about your own individual soul, different from all others. Anima is alive since time immemorial! You only have to become aware of its existence and allow it to begin to lead its life.


A baby becomes aware of itself and awakens to its life when it discovers its body and realises what it can do with it.  


A soul becomes aware of itself and awakens to its life as soon as it perceives itself and realises that it has spiritual senses and spiritual powers that it can use.



5. Lead the Life of the Soul


"So far we have only talked about a change in my consciousness. That is not enough! Just because I think, or fancy, that I am a soul, I am not yet a being of spirit in reality. Just as I am not Napoleon just because I think or fancy I am Napoleon!?"


Yes, you are right. You have to actually transform; like the caterpillar into a butterfly which learns to fly, what the caterpillar is not capable to do.


At the moment your soul merely exists, but it is not yet alive.


"I don't understand. What is the difference between existing and living?"


Well, a creature that is in a sleep-like state, is locked up in the prison of the body, does not express itself and is not recognizable from the outside; has no will of its own or at any rate does not assert it, neither appears nor acts on earth and neither develops nor uses its abilities: Such a being, after all, is merely vegetating and not really living. 


This is how your soul is doing! Its life is completely suppressed or superseded by your body.


"What can I do to free my soul and open the way to its life?”


The crucial question! This brings us to the central point of "Experiment Immortality":


If you want to become a soul, you must learn to lead the life of your soul!


The life of the rider, not that of the tool, the donkey, which you have led until today! 


The life of the soul alone is worth living. (Tolstoy "Anna Karenina", Part 8 Chapter XIII) 


The life of your Eternal Individuality is very different from that of your transient personality. 


Anima has much greater possibilities and strives for quite different goals!


"What does it mean in concrete terms to lead the life of my soul?"


Two things:


Firstly: If you want to be a soul, you must also express this new form of life and let it appear on the stage of the earthly world.


"What do you mean by 'appear'?"


You learn to think, feel, speak and act as your being of spirit wills.


Anima thinks, feels, speaks and acts, no longer Mary Smith or James Baker.


You are what you think! (Buddha) 


If you think, feel, speak and act like Napoleon, you are like Napoleon. (David "Napoleon")


Secondly: Your soul lives truly only if it uses its possibilities, if it develops the qualities and abilities that a spiritual being has and which are already existing in the bud.


You no longer have to strengthen the donkey, because it is already fully grown, but the rider, who is still small and weak!


If you have the qualities and abilities of Napoleon, you are a Napoleon. (Ingres "Napoleon")


We shall now be talking about these two aspects of the life of your soul in more detail.



6. Let the Soul think, feel, speak and act


Let us look at some examples of the thinking and acting of a being of spirit:




As long as you are still a mortal, you think: "I say or do this or that" or "I go here or there". But that is wrong, because on the material plane you – your real Self, Anima – as a spiritual being does not say or do anything and does not go anywhere.


So learn to think like an immortal. That goes like this: "I – namely the soul – in order to fulfil my mission, impel my earthly tool, the body, to say or to do this or that, or cause it to go here or there ".




When you are driving a car and the petrol at the petrol station you are just passing is too expensive, you drive on. Your car will have to get along with what fuel it has for another while. In the same way you have to treat your perishable personality: The spirit decides whether, when, what and how much food your body gets.  


When his stomach growls, the old mortal man thinks, "I am hungry." Anima, your immortal part, does not think like that: As a spiritual creature, it has no need, nor even appetite for food, because every intake of material food weighs down its etheric being.


So your soul thinks: "My tool, my brother donkey is demanding nourishment. Is it really absolutely necessary to supply my vehicle with fuel again? Will not the last filling suffice for a while?"




When you have a wound, you used to think, "I am hurt." Your spirit being does not think like that: it is not affected by injuries to the body. Anima thinks: "My vehicle seems to be damaged. Do I have to repair it immediately, or is it going to last a while longer?" 




The mortal man is afraid when threatened with death because he deems the end of his existence approaching. Your true, Eternal Individuality does not know this feeling, because it is not affected by the death of the body at all – no more than the rider by the demise of his donkey. Nobody and nothing can harm you. 




Are you impatient or irritated? This is an expression of your transient personality. 


For your true being such a feeling is absurd, as in eternity it has infinite time to wait patiently and to try again when conditions are ripe.




You see: Through a new way of thinking, feeling, speaking and acting, you bring about a real transformation of your nature!


Achieving immortality is a spiritual exercise!



7. Education of the Heart


"How do I know how the soul thinks and what it wants?"


Here we are at a crucial question!


Listen to your heart! 


The heart is the most important organ of your Eternal Individuality. It tells you infallibly what Anima wants. It warns beforehand and complains afterwards about every thought, feeling, word or action that is unworthy of your Higher Nature.


So you deny the most divine if you do not mind the advice given by the heart. (Goethe, "The Natural Daughter II 1") 


Therefore, the education of the heart is the very basis for your transformation into an immortal.


Education of the intellect without education of the heart is no education at all. (Aristotle)


Leading the life of the soul means: Living from the heart!


"What do I have to do practically?"


Direct all your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds through the heart! 


Purify them in the fire of your heart before you allow them to come up! 


Unfortunately, most people ignore or suppress the voice of their heart and trample on their soul, until it ceases to budge altogether.



8. Acquire the Qualities and Abilities of a Being of Spirit

Nicholas Roerich “Lotus”


Now we are  coming to the second aspect of the life of your Eternal Individuality: You must acquire the qualities and abilities of a being of spirit.


Achievements such as invulnerability, fearlessness, freedom, vitality and joy of being are at the moment only laid out within you as potential. Whether you are actually free from fear will become apparent in the next dangerous situation only. For the time being, your soul is still small, weak and fearful, even though it is invulnerable.


You can and must bring up your Eternal Individuality like a small child by making it great, strong and beautiful!


A baby learns to know its body, takes possession of it, uses it by employing its physical powers and physical senses, and begins to walk and to talk.  


In the same way, you have to get to know your Eternal Individuality, take possession of it and use it.


"An idea difficult to understand. How can I make use of my soul?"


You begin to employ your spiritual powers and your spiritual senses.


Here are some examples of what a developed soul can do:


As a non-material being, the soul is not bound by the limitations of matter, time and space. It can pass through walls and closed doors. It can see through solid objects as with X-rays and read in closed books. It can levitate, i.e. rise above the ground like St. Joseph of Copertino and other saints, walk on water like Jesus, sit on water like a yogi (Nicholas Roerich "Lotus"), walk through fire and even fly (Nicholas Roerich "Higher than Mountains"). It is immune to disease. It has mastered telekinesis, that is, like Uri Geller, it can move objects with its mental power alone. It can transmit thoughts like a transmitting station and receive and understand thoughts like a radio. It can understand foreign languages and converse with animals like St. Francis of Assisi (Nicholas Roerich "Francis of Assisi"). It can heal like Jesus with pure spiritual power (Henry Thomson "The Raising of Jairus' Daughter") and predict the future like a prophet.


"Miracles", or rather, higher skills of this kind, as reliably reported from the life of Jesus and numerous saints, are nothing else but the entirely natural consequence of the training of the spiritual powers and the spiritual senses of our Eternal Individuality. Within each of us there is already today the germ of these abilities; other people are only ahead of us in their development.


The goal of the education of your Higher Self is:


You grow from a small to a Great Soul, to a Mahatma!


Do you muster the will and the energy to realise the dreams of your childhood and transform into a being of wonderful greatness, strength, beauty and dignity? (Nicholas Roerich "Lama")



Chapter V. Life Everlasting


How shall we conceive the everlasting life of the soul?



1. Eternal Path Fluss


In the Apostles’ Creed you repeat every Sunday:


I believe in life everlasting.


But how poor is the picture which the Church draws of this greatest treasure one can think of and wish for! What have you been taught?


"After the death of the body, the soul is put to rest for eons, and then after the Last Judgement for the remainder of eternity either roasts in hell or sits on a cloud in Heaven singing to the harp."


Isn't that childish? Unworthy of any thinking being endowed with common sense? Anyone who believes such things has not yet grasped the concept of "eternity" at all.


An everlasting standstill, the absence of any development, an existence without work and progress would in truth not be eternal life, but eternal death!


Life is movement. 


Life is development, the striving for permanent personal and worldwide renewal!


Life everlasting is a meaningful concept only if we conceive it as an eternal path, as eternal progress!



2. Return to Earth


We see that your soul has formed a physical body (your present one). Then we may be convinced:


On her eternal path, Anima has already formed several bodies in the past and will do so again and again in the future.



The assumption that the immortal soul on its pilgrimage through eternity makes use of one physical body only is obviously nonsensical.


Much better is this idea: When a vehicle has become useless, your Eternal Individuality lays it aside like a worn-out coat and forms a new, unused, beautiful and strong one in due course.




You are in a position to utilize the full potential of an immortal, the vast possibilities of a being of spirit only if you accept the natural law of reincarnation:


You come back to earth in order to continue to grow and in order to continue to work on the progress of humanity.


There is no better concept of the eternal path! I, for one, know of none. If you are aware of one, please let me know.


At the age of seventy-five years one cannot fail to think about death from time to time. This thought leaves me in complete peace, for I have the firm conviction that our spirit is a being of an indestructible nature; its activity is continuing from eternity to eternity. It is like the sun, which seems to set only to our earthly eyes, but which in reality never sets, but goes on shining unceasingly. (Goethe to Eckermann, May 2, 1824) 


If you cannot yet grasp this law, you exclude yourself from the immeasurable possibilities of an unlimited development. Then you are living and working, instead of for eternity, only for one single miserable short earthly life. 


If it wishes to advance in its spiritual development, the West must at last adopt this wisdom which has been familiar and natural to the East for millennia. 


An aspiring soul actually yearns for returning to earth:


Evolution continues, and on earth, not in Heaven!


People are growing greater. Conditions are improving. You want to continue to participate in this process, don't you? You certainly do not wish to remain excluded for all eternity from any further development in an imaginary paradise!



3. Eternal Growth


Your soul is like a child:


It desperately wants to grow greater, stronger and more beautiful. 


In Heaven, Anima may rest for a while and receive instructions. However, she can make progress and further her personal development only on earth:


The higher abilities of a Mozart, Gandhi or Napoleon – to compose a great symphony, to lead a nation or an army – you cannot develop and prove anywhere else but in one place only:


In the middle of normal earthly everyday life!




In fact, your life is meaningful only because in later incarnations you can build upon the achievements you have accumulated during earlier stays on earth: It is on this basis that your soul can continue to grow and reach, in the course of millions of years, its destined greatness step by step in numerous lives.


What you possess deep in your heart, you cannot lose through death. (Goethe) 




In one single short earthly life, you cannot even come close to unfolding the gigantic potential which you carry within you. You need many incarnations for that.


That is why you must return to earth if you aspire to further growth!


Trust the beautiful and just Cosmic Order: If it endows you with a potential, it will also give you enough time to develop it.



4. Eternal Work


Your soul sees:


There is still so much to do!


And not in Heaven, somewhere above the clouds, but down here on earth:  With your knowledge, your abilities and your experience you have so much to contribute to continue in the future as well to improve conditions, to alleviate hardship and to help those who are suffering.




Do you really want to spend ages just looking down idly from Heaven to the misery below on earth? 


Is a detached existence  at the feet of which earthly people continue to suffer distress, really a paradise that could bring you joy?




We can advance evolution only on the material plane.


That is why you must return to earth if you aspire to continue to work for the progress of humanity!


Trust the beautiful and just Cosmic Order: If it assigns you tasks, it will also give you enough time to solve them.





This Broadcasting has only given a brief overview about the experiment of transforming into an immortal man of spirit.


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